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Quintin Stephens wins Bronze in Indianapolis

Quintin Stephens with Dr. Fred Sorrells

Quintin Stephens had a very strong performance in his 100 meter wheelchair race on Saturday, June 30, at the USA Paralympics Track and Field Meet in Indianapolis. Quintin was awarded a bronze medal.

His time met the qualifying standard set by the International Paralympic Committee, but unfortunately did not meet the USA Paralympic Committee qualifying time for the USA London 2012 Paralympic team.

So while he will not be part of the USA London 2012 Paralympic team, Quintin has already set his sights on the World Paralympic Track and Field Championships in Lyons, France next year. He has a very good chance of making the USA squad.

At age 54 Quintin was easily the oldest track athlete at the Indianapolis meet. His quadriplegic performance inspired many. Quintin broke his neck in an accident in 1981 and has been wheelchair racing since 1983 to maintain his health and independence.

Dr. Fred Sorrells, who has been his coach and caregiver since 2009, said, “What a blessing to serve this choice man of God and great patriotic American.”

In the short video below, Quintin shares from the track where he competed.

Donated racing bike undamaged by Haiti earthquake

At 7:03PM CST this photo and text from Dr. Fred Sorrells came through.

“I am sure the US media is reporting the top story today us Bill Clinton’s arrival to Haiti. I was at the UN headquarters earlier today and everyone especially the security was hopping.”

“However, the real news among several great things today is that disabled Marine quadriplegic Quintin Stephen’s donated sports racing bike is alive and well. The building where it was stored withstood the earthquake while the building four blocks down the street behind me obviously did not.”

“I am so happy that this $5000 dollar chair is in great shape for a Haitian disabled athlete, perhaps one of the newly disabled earthquake victims, to cross the finish line first at the 2012 Paralympic Games for a gold medal.”

“I posted a uTube several months ago requesting the Clinton Initiative to build the first track. Not one track like we have at every Jr. high school exists in the whole country. We need that track, including a rehab and therapuetic center, to be build ASAP to start the recovery process for the 200,000 amputees alone in Haiti. Please help me get the word out.”