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July 18 – Haiti Amputee Soccer Team arrival in US

July 19-23 – Training camp at Aledo High School Aledo, Texas.
At the end of our first training session on July 19, Dr. Fred Sorrells interacted with a young man who plays on the Aledo HS soccer team who happened to be an arm amputee. He played the goalkeeper position on July 23 when our Haiti team played an exhibition game against the reigning Texas high football (American) Aledo Bearcats.. He did a fine job. We had a incredible reception by the local community.

July 22 – Meet and Greet for the National Team hosted by prosthetist Tim Goldberg and his wife Sharon. Tim has fitted twelve national players in the past and will doing several more of this group. The Aledo community participated in an amputee soccer demonstration and an art show showcasing the artwork of former Haitian national amputee soccer player and current vice-president of the Haiti Amputee Soccer Association, Francillon Chery.

July 23 – Exhibition Game against the reigning Texas High School Aledo Bearcats. The American athletes played with their non-dominate foot. Haiti won 6-4 in what the American athletes described as a extremely memorable event.

July 25-26 – Outreach in Tucson, AZ. Team will be hosted by Air Force pilot Christy Wise, the first pilot to return to flying following an amputation. She has a nonprofit that provides prostheses for children in Third World countries including Haiti. The Haiti team will play an exhibition game against Christy’s squadron team July 26.

July 28 – Orange County Soccer Association event.

July 29-30 – Mini-Tournament against the USA national team to promote amputee soccer in Southern California.

August 1-2 – Outreach activities in Southern California August 4-9 Outreach activities in Central Texas.

August 10-11 – Outreach activities in Aledo, Texas August 11-13 Outreach activities in Weatherford, Texas.

August 14-15 – Outreach activities in Colleyville, Texas August 16-17 Outreach activities in Little Rock, AR.

August 18-23 – Outreach activities in Nashville.

August 25 – Return to Haiti.