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Mission and Strategy

The International Institute of SPORT (IIOS) exists to improve the quality of life, through adaptive sports, for people with impairments in the United States and in less economically developed countries.

The International Institute of SPORT is a 501c3 non-profit organization. IIOS is operated by a staff of volunteers who care about people with impairments. We receive donations from individuals, non-profit organizations and corporations.

Our adaptive sports strategy consists of three areas of focus: Amputee Soccer, Paralympics and the Veterans Wheelchair Games.

A wide range of sports have been adapted to be played by people with varying types of disability. Organized sports for athletes with disabilities are generally divided into three groups: the deaf, persons with physical impairments, and persons with intellectual impairments.  Formal international competitions include the Deaflympics for the  deaf, the Paralympics Games for persons with physical and intellectual disabilities, and the World Special Olympics Games for athletes with intellectual disabilities. IIOS equips disabled athletes to train and participate in adapted sports and provides leadership and volunteers for international competitions.