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The mission of the International Institute of SPORT (IIOS) is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in the less economically developed countries worldwide.


We are a non-profit advocating for the disabled in areas of public access, education, integration, job skills, physical rehabilitation, therapeutic recreation and disaster relief. We are educators, artists, administrators and professionals. We are also networkers and are grateful for our partners.


We engage children and adults in art projects geared to developing an understanding of disability.  We help rehabilitate and train disabled athletes for the Paralympics. We help disabled people become employees and business owners. We provide art supplies, medical supplies and mobility devices. We represent disabled artists in the world art market. We advocate for the disabled in business and government affairs to help secure access to jobs and transportation.

Haiti Defeated by Mexico 2-0 - Nov 25, 2015

Haiti Defeated by Mexico 2-0











On Wednesday night, Haiti played with zeal, determination and fair play against a very strong and disciplined national team from Mexico.

The host nation scored the first goal during the initial period, and the score remained 1-0 at the half.

Despite numerous on goal shots, the Haitian squad could not equalize the score. Mexico made a second goal late in the second period to win 2-0.

Despite its youth and inexperience, the Haitian team has drawn rave reviews from other delegations and spectators for its tenacity and speed. This bodes well for the selection of the next team for the World Cup of Amputee Football.

Haiti Loses to Columbia 3-2 - Nov 24, 2015

Haiti Loses to Columbia 3-2

Haiti played a spirited game against a strong team from Columbia. Haiti scored first followed by three goals by Columbia. Late in the second period Haiti scored again, but came up short as Columbia won 3-2.







Haiti Defeats Costa Rica 3-0 - Nov 23, 2015

Haiti Defeats Costa Rica 3-0

In their first match at the Cup of the Americas in Guadalhara, Mexico, the Haiti Amputee Soccer Team defeated Costa Rica 3-0.








Cup of the Americas Schedule Released - Nov 22, 2015

Cup of the Americas Schedule Released









The schedule for the Cup of the Americas has been released. Please note the times that Haiti plays over the first three days of the Cup of the Americas.

Our first game is Monday night at 6:30PM against Costa Rica. You may view it live on the Internet at Click on En Vivo.

The Opening Ceremony is starting on a beautiful night in San Juan de Los Lagos outside of Guadalajara.

CBSDFW Coverage of Soccer Extravaganza - Nov 14, 2015

Waxahachie, Texas
Two-Event Amputee Soccer Extravaganza - Nov 14, 2015

Francillon Chery Lays Wreath at National Cemetary in Little Rock




























Fox News Coverage of Amputee Soccer Game - Nov 11, 2015

Appreciation for American Military Service to Haiti - Nov 11, 2015

Francillon Chery Lays Wreath at National Cemetary in Little Rock Haiti amputee soccer player Francillon Chery, pictured here with Dr. Fred Sorrells, laid this wreath on the morning of Veteran's Day 2015 at the National Cemetary in Little Rock.

The wreath was placed in appreciation for the service rendered by American military personnel following the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti.




Haiti Cup of the Americas Team Arrives at DFW - Nov 10, 2015

2015 Haiti Amputee Soccer Team The Haiti Cup of the Americas amputee soccer team arrived at DFW airport late Tuesday evening, November 10, and departed immediately for Veteran Day activities in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The delegation was driven through the night to participate in scheduled events.





Haiti Amputee Soccer Team Gets Passports - Nov 6, 2015

Due to political unrest and increased violence over the recent election in Haiti, the Haiti amputee soccer players faced a volatile situation getting government approval and passports to leave the country. They did get their passports on Friday, Nov. 6, and they are scheduled to fly from Port-au-Prince on Tuesday. The delay this resulted in required their flights to be extended. This means that an additional $6,000 is needed to cover all player's flights from Port-Au-Prince to Miami and Miami to Dallas. Please help us if you can by donating via the Paypal button on the left column.

"From Haiti with Hope" Tour Stop in Little Rock - Nov 11-12, 2015

The Haiti Amputee Soccer Team will be making a multi-city tour prior to leaving for Mexico, and will be stopping in Little Rock, Arkansas, November 11-12. A wide range of events and activities are planned with these objectives:

1. Encourage Veterans and Wounded Warriors

2. Promote Disability awareness through friendly matches

3. Premiere showing of documentary trailer

4. Sales of Francillon's artwork (player on Haitian team)

5. Connect with churches and organizations for long-term partnerships

6. Recruit amputees for the USA amputee soccer program and create/develop amputee soccer team/league in Little Rock

7. Showcase athletic, art and music talents of the Haitian amputee team

Click here for the From Haiti with Hope press release (PDF)

Click here for the Little Rock Tour Agenda (PDF)


Preparing for US Tour and Cup of the Americas - Oct 24, 2015

2015 Haiti Amputee Soccer Team USA Veterans / Wounded Warriors Tour The 2015 Haiti National Amputee Soccer Team has their appointment to get their US Visas at the US Embassy in Port-Au-Prince on Tuesday, October 27.

We will need to buy their Haiti/Miami air tickets the week of October 25 so they can begin their USA Veterans / Wounded Warrior tour and participate in the Guadalajara Cup of the Americas Tournament November 21-29.

They are scheduled to present a wreath at the National Cemetary in Little Rock on Veterans Day.

They will also visit the Little Rock VA, meet the Arkansas governor and highlight a fundraiser for 12 year old cancer survivor and recent leg amputee Emily Buckley.



Coverage on Dallas/Fort Worth TV Fox 4 - December 12, 2014

The Haitian Amputee National Soccer Team was featured on Dallas/Fort Worth television station Fox 4.

Thank you message from Dr. Fred Sorrells - December 9, 2014

Dr. Fred Sorrells gives a shout out to the people who helped make the Haiti Amputee Football world cup tour a success.

Haiti Loses to Turkey 3-9 - December 5, 2014

With some sadness but with great pride Haiti's World Cup run has ended.

Haiti lost to a very good Turkish National Team of full-time professionals. Haiti was able to hold Turkey to a small 1-0 lead most of of the game, but lost 3-0 in the end.

We are so proud of Haiti's historic run as they made the quarter finals for the very first time.

Haiti Defeats Italy 2-1 - December 4, 2014

Haiti continued it's historic run by beating Italy in the Round of 16 in triple overtime in sudden death penalty kicks in one of the greatest games ever played in Amputee World Cup history!

The winning penalty kick was scored by 2010 earthquake victim, Mackenedy Francois.

Haiti Loses to Russia 6-1 - December 2, 2014

Walking of the flags of Haiti and Russia The Haiti National Amputee Football Team lost to Russia 6-1, but advanced to the 2nd round of the World Cup for the first time in history.

Photo is the walking of the flags of Haiti and Russia prior to the match.







Haiti Defeats Kenya 2-0 - December 1, 2014

Haiti Defeats Kenya 2-0 - December 1, 2014 The Haiti National Amputee Football (soccer) Team defeated Kenya in their second match at the 2014 Mexico World Cup of Amputee Football.

Here the Haiti team is pictured greeting the Kenya team after the national anthems.





Haiti Defeats Germany 2-0 - November 30, 2014

Haiti Defeats Germany 2-0 - November 30, 2014 Haiti played with amazing speed to take control of their first game at the 2014 World Cup of Amputee Football (soccer) and beat Germany 2-0. They demonstrated enough firepower to be considered among the top teams of the tournament.

The game was decided in the first half, with two top notch goals. The first goal came at the eleven minutes on a free kick by Francois Makendy and nine minutes later Lousiene Sandy sealed the game.



Training for the Mexico 2014 World Cup - November 13, 2014

Haiti National Amputee Football Team arrives in Dallas, TX. The Haiti National Amputee Football (soccer) Team arrived in Dallas, TX, on midnight, November 13, 2014, to begin final preparations for the 2014 Mexico World Cup of Amputee Football.

Here the team is pictured at DFW International Airport. To follow the team through the world cup, visit the Pursuit of Hope Facebook page.



Documentary Film Website Launched - November 1, 2014

Pursuit of Hope The International Institute of SPORT is working with a team of experienced professionals to create a feature-length documentary that will follow a group of Haitian disabled athletes on their journey to secure a spot on the Haitian National Amputee Football Team, then earn a berth in the 2014 Mexico World Cup of Amputee Football.

The film is called Pursuit of Hope, and a website about the documentary film was launched on November 1, 2014, to help raise funds for the documentary production and for the Haitian team as they train and participate in the world cup.

The website includes a trailer, photo gallery and other video content. We also launched a Facebook page for at to document the Haitian world cup tour and the making of the film. Please visit both sites and share the Facebook page with your friends.

Powerful Video from Wheels for the World

Wheels for the World - London Paralympics 2012 from Philip Green on Vimeo.

Dr. Fred Sorrells appears several times in this power video from Wheels for the World.


Dr. Fred Sorrells Keynote Speaker - March 22, 2013

Dr. Fred Sorrells keynote at Panda Cup VIP Outreach SocialDr. Fred Sorrells was the keynote speaker at the Panda Cup Foundation VIP Outreach Social on Friday, March 22, 2013. Dr. Sorrells spoke on the topic "Amputee Sports - You Can Make a Difference." Click here to learn more about the Panda Cup and the Panda Cup Foundation.





Promoting Amputee Soccer to Africa - September 1, 2012

Dr. Fred Sorrells with delegates from Liberia, Niger and the Comoros Islands Dr. Fred Sorrells met with members of the Paralympics delegations from Liberia, Niger and the Comoros Islands to discuss bringing amputee soccer into those countries.

Amputee soccer has enormous potential to lift people with disabilities out of poverty and literally out of the grave into the mainstream of society.





Meet Kadija, the First Female Athlete from Niger - August 29, 2012

Dr. Fred Sorrells with Kadija from Niger Kadija, the first female athlete from Niger, is a 34 year old woman with four kids. She had just weaned her last child the day she left for London. Kadija has polio and no muscular movement below the hips.

As the Niger sports medicine coordinator, Dr. Fred Sorrells had to take Kadija to the doctor in the Paralympic Village when she arrived due to chest discomfort.

Pictured at right, Kadija and Dr. Sorrells are at the warm-up track adjacent to the Olympic Stadium. Dr. Sorrells is helping her and her coach with her technique for throwing the javelin.

Dr. Fred Sorrells at Opening Ceremony - August 29, 2012

Dr. Fred Sorrells at Opening Ceremony The image at right is of Dr. Fred Sorrells assisting a Nigerien athlete during the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

As of this writing, the opening ceremony is still underway. It is being streamed at and is also available from YouTube.




Dr. Fred Sorrells Serving in His 5th Paralympic Games

2012 London Paralympic Games The London 2012 Paralympic Games, which opens Wednesday, August 29 are set to be the biggest ever where Paralympic athletes will compete in front of sold-out crowds and an estimated TV audience of around four billion.

There will be limited television coverage in the USA by NBC but people can watch live action on the Internet. Log on to for live streaming.

The Opening Ceremony starts at 2:20 pm Central Standard time Wednesday. The parade of nations will begin alphabetically near the beginning of the ceremony.

Dr. Sorrells will be serving in his fifth Paralympic Games and is currently an official with the Niger, Africa delegation. They should enter the Olympic Stadium around 3:30 pm CST.

Live coverage of the Paralympic sports competitions can be viewed live until September 9 on this website:

Quintin Stephens Wins Bronze in Indianapolis - June 30, 2012

Quintin Stephens with Dr. Fred Sorrells Quintin Stephens had a very strong performance in his 100 meter wheelchair race on Saturday, June 30, at the USA Paralympics Track and Field Meet in Indianapolis. Quintin was awarded a bronze medal.

His time met the qualifying standard set by the International Paralympic Committee, but unfortunately did not meet the USA Paralympic Committee qualifying time for the USA London 2012 Paralympic team.

So while he will not be part of the USA London 2012 Paralympic team, Quintin has already set his sights on the World Paralympic Track and Field Championships in Lyons, France next year.   He has a very good chance of making the USA squad.

At age 54 Quintin was easily the oldest track athlete at the Indianapolis meet.  His quadriplegic performance inspired many. Quintin broke his neck in an accident in 1981 and has been wheelchair racing since 1983 to maintain his health and independence.

Dr. Fred Sorrells, who has been his coach and caregiver since 2009, said, "What a blessing to serve this choice man of God and great patriotic American."

Please watch the attached video to hear Quintin share from the track where he competed.

Quintin Stephens Wins 5 Gold Medals at 2011 National Veterans Wheelchair Games - August 1-6, 2011

Quintin Stephens at finish line

During the first week of August, 2011, IIOS Track & Field Consultant Quintin Stephens competed in the 2011 National Veterans Wheelchair Games and finished first in 5 events (100 meters, 200m, 400m, 800m and 1500m) winning a record five gold medals.

The National Veterans Wheelchair Games is the largest annual wheelchair sports competition in the world. The event offers 17 different sports to veterans who use wheelchairs due to spinal cord injuries, amputations and neurological diseases.

Although he is a quadriplegic with no control Quintin Stephensis an outstanding athlete. His primary event is wheelchair racing, and he is one of the best in the world for his disability class.

The photo at right is of Quintin Stephens at the finish line.

Dr. Fred Sorrells served as Quintin's caregiver and coach, as he did for Quintin at the last three National Veterans Wheelchair Games. Dr. Sorrells said that he has never seen someone who consistently overcomes physical and emotional challenges like Quintin. Through weekly training, Quintin lost a significant amount of weight and gained a tremendous strength in his upper body. Many quadriplegics Quintin's age use a power chair, but Quintin uses the manual wheelchair exclusively, even pushing it several miles from his home to the local Walmart.

Quinten's medal ceremony

All the hard work paid off when Quintin was crowned with five gold medals. He made his Lone Star Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans proud.

However, Quintin is not satisfied with this achievement. His real goal us to gain a spot on the USA Paralympic Team and to compete in the 2012 London Paralympic Games.

Bestowing this achievement at Quinten's medal ceremony, pictured at right, included Retired Bgd. General Gauld, former Pittsburgh Steeler greats Robin Cole and Rocky Blyer, and Ron Drach, president of the Wounded Warriors.