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The mission of the International Institute of SPORT (IIOS) is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in the less economically developed countries worldwide.


We are a non-profit advocating for the disabled in areas of public access, education, integration, job skills, physical rehabilitation, therapeutic recreation and disaster relief. We are educators, artists, administrators and professionals. We are also networkers and are grateful for our partners.


We engage children and adults in art projects geared to developing an understanding of disability.  We help rehabilitate and train disabled athletes for the Paralympics. We help disabled people become employees and business owners. We provide art supplies, medical supplies and mobility devices. We represent disabled artists in the world art market. We advocate for the disabled in business and government affairs to help secure access to jobs and transportation.


Solar-powered light bulb is one Denver inventor's brilliant idea

(Banner Staff Photo by Don Treul) Bullard artist Don Bristow, left, and his wife Sandy Bristow, hosted a benefit at their Bullard home Friday, Jan. 26. Proceeds were used to help disabled Hatians in the aftermath of the earthquake that hit the region in January.
By Jason Blevins
The Denver Post
Denver, CO
July 10, 2010

Stephen Katsaros invented the Nokero, an affordable, durable, sun-fueled light, can help the 1.6 billion people worldwide without electricity and wean them from burning dangerous kerosene lamps.

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