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The mission of the International Institute of SPORT (IIOS) is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in the less economically developed countries worldwide.


We are a non-profit advocating for the disabled in areas of public access, education, integration, job skills, physical rehabilitation, therapeutic recreation and disaster relief. We are educators, artists, administrators and professionals. We are also networkers and are grateful for our partners.


We engage children and adults in art projects geared to developing an understanding of disability.  We help rehabilitate and train disabled athletes for the Paralympics. We help disabled people become employees and business owners. We provide art supplies, medical supplies and mobility devices. We represent disabled artists in the world art market. We advocate for the disabled in business and government affairs to help secure access to jobs and transportation.

Wound Care

Many Many Amputees
February 24, 2010

No gloves so gave him some I had

On February 24, Dr. Fred Sorrells wrote:

"Visiting rehab tent with local medical personnel."

"No gloves so gave him some I had. Ace bandage too short. Many medical supplies needed. Many many amputees."

"Gave twenty year old amputee a solar lamp kit."

"Bringing hope one person at a time."

Crushed Foot Victim Eveline gets medical help
February 16, 2010

Helping Eveline get off the x-Ray table

On February 16, Dr. Fred Sorrells wrote:

"We went through an area that would make you weep your heart out. 500 families living out in the open with scraps of plastic and cloth for housing. Though some food is being distributed to earthquake victims, they had not received any. I am trying to find a source of emergency food for these people."

"Out of this crowd of homeless people stepped up a young man who spoke perfect English and had been trained by Campus Crusade. We visited several people with injuries living in the camp and had a special time of prayer for these families who will face extremely difficult circustances when the rains flood this place in a few weeks - not to mention the upcoming hurricane season."

"I asked if there was anyone who had not been treated for an earthquake related accident. They took me to a young woman whose foot was crushed when a building fell on her."

"Eveline and her husband had given up getting any help. When I saw the injury I knew we had to get her to the University of Miami tent hospital where I had worked in the rehab and mental health services yesterday. I asked if there was any transport available in the area and they came up with a vehicle that appeared to be held together with baling wire and a little duct tape!"

"We loaded up Eveline and her husband and set out on a fifteen mile ride that took one and half hours, partly due to traffic but mostly to the condition of the vehicle. We made it to the Miami tent hospital, and I took Eveline to ER where she was seen by an ER doctor from the Baptist Hospital of Miami."

"Although Dr. Alan was exhausted, he took a great interest in Eveline's case and told me to walk her through the process to ensure she got the best service. We went to have her foot x-ray'd with some great equipment. (See picture below) For some reason I felt lead to photograph Eveline's foot images when they were displayed on the x-ray monitor."

"The orthopedic looked at the x-rays and said while she needed foot surgery and that they were not able to provide that service because of a shortage of personnel. So he prescribed an orthopedic boot and Dr. Brill, a wonderful foot specialist from the University of Miami, fitted it."

"During that process I questioned Dr Brill about getting the best care possible for Eveline. She told me about a group of her orthopedic friends who were doing surgeries at another hospital in PAP. I encouraged her to check and see if they could take Eveline's case."

"Then came the great word - Bring her over! So we got Eveline back in the jalopy and headed to one of the few hospitals still standing. At one point we had to all get out if the vehicle, except Eveline, and help push it up a steep hill. But we got the the surgery hospital and got Eveline checked-in."

"She is in a hospital room tonight - probably by far the nicest room she has ever stayed in - and will have foot surgery tomorrow morning."

"And guess what! Since the x-rays cannot be reproduced, the doctors will examine the pictures of Eveline's x-rays I shot on my camera!"

Photo of x-ray that ended-up assisting surgeons

My photograph of the x-rays on the left that were used by the orthopedic surgeons while performing surgey on Eveline's foot.

Donnecks Receives Help
February 13, 2010

Dr. Fred Xavier, Dr. Carl Eisdorfer, Dr. Fred Sorrells, Donnecks, and Dr. G. Romain

On February 13, Dr. Fred Sorrells wrote:

"My Haitian friend, Donnecks, nearly died in the earthquake but was rescued after being buried in rubble for hours. He was complaining of leg pain and nightmares so I took him to the University of Miami tent hospital at the airport thus afternoon."

"He was treated by orthopedic Dr. Fred Xavier, psychiarist Dr. Carl Eisdorfer, and psychiarist Dr. G. Romain."

In the photo, from left to right, are Dr. Fred Xavier, Dr. Carl Eisdorfer, Dr. Fred Sorrells, Donnecks, and Dr. G. Romain.

"Dr. Eisdorfer asked me to return on Monday morning to go with him when he makes his rounds among the amputee patients. He says they need a good word about how their life can go on despite the amputation. He wants me to talk to them about sports for the disabled."