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The mission of the International Institute of SPORT (IIOS) is to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities in the less economically developed countries worldwide.


We are a non-profit advocating for the disabled in areas of public access, education, integration, job skills, physical rehabilitation, therapeutic recreation and disaster relief. We are educators, artists, administrators and professionals. We are also networkers and are grateful for our partners.


We engage children and adults in art projects geared to developing an understanding of disability.  We help rehabilitate and train disabled athletes for the Paralympics. We help disabled people become employees and business owners. We provide art supplies, medical supplies and mobility devices. We represent disabled artists in the world art market. We advocate for the disabled in business and government affairs to help secure access to jobs and transportation.

Disaster Relief

Haiti Relief
April 10-20, 2010

Children flying kite in relief camp

Bags lost, but why should I complain?

On April 10, Dr. Fred Sorrells, President of IIOS, wrote, "I arrived safely into Port-Au-Prince this afternoon.  My two checked bags did not make the connection in Miami where I changed planes so I have to keep checking at the  airport.  A bit of a pain as it is not easy or cheap to go back and forth to the airport - but why should I complain when so many here have lost all they had in the earthquake.”

Pictured at right are children in a relief tent trying to fly a handmade kite.

Dr. Fred Sorrells leading a disability seminar for members of the young adults department of First Baptist Church, Port-au-Prince
Youth Meeting

The media has documented the extensive international involvement with disaster response and rebuilding following the January 12 earthquake in Haiti. It is also noteworthy to see the incredible response of Haitians themselves to this effort and their concern for the many victims of the disaster.

Dr. Fred Sorrells was asked to lead a disability seminar for members of the young adults department of a church in Port-au-Prince. In light of the many newly disabled people, efforts must be made to create physical accessibility, and most importantly, acceptance and inclusion in all aspects of society.


Rotary International has been instrumental in providing crutches and wheelchairs for the disabled
Dr. Sorrells Speaks to Port-au-Prince Rotary

Dr. Fred Sorrells was invited to speak to the Port-au-Prince Rotary. He talked about the benefits of therapeutic recreation and particularly sports for the disabled. Rotary International has been very instrumental in helping eradicate polio and providing assistive devices such as crutches and wheelchairs for the disabled.

Dr. Sorrells encouraged the Port-au-Prince Rotary to partner with other chapters in the USA in collecting forearm crutches. These are essential for participants in amputee soccer.




Haiti Relief
March 21-31, 2010

Dr. Fred Sorrells with newly renewed passport

Congressman Mike Conway Helps With Passort

The passport of IIOS president, Dr. Fred Sorrells, was about to expire on March 27. Fred had originally planned to make his second post-earthquake trip to Haiti before it expired, but the trip was delayed until a March 21 departure.

Thanks to the excellent work of Congressman Mike Conway and his excellent administrative assistant, Corbette Padilla, Fred's passport was renewed in two days.

Following-up With Eveline

On his first visit to Haiti following the January 12 earthquake, Dr. Sorrells helped Eveline get to the University of Miami tent hospital. She received an orthopedic boot. Upon his return visit in March, Dr. Sorrells found that Eveline’s mobility had improved significantly. He assisted her get physical therapy in order to have full use of foot.

Physical therapist works with Eveline’s injured foot

Pictured right, a physical therapist works with Eveline’s injured foot.

Estimates indicate that there were 80,000 amputees prior to the January 12 earthquake. Although the exact number has not been determined, a large number of injured became amputees after the earthquake. Others have spinal cord injuries. IIOS is actively working to identify amputees and plans to expand therapeutic recreation services to the newly physically challenged.

Soccer to Help Amputees

Plans are underway to use the adaptive sport of amputee soccer to help earthquake amputees overcome tramatic injury. Just seeing amputees playing soccer will be an encouragement to the entire population. In other words, if the amputee victims are playing soccer, maybe there is a real chance I will have a place to live and the country is returning to normalcy.

Our short-term goal is to establish an amputee football program to assist the thousands of amputees integrate back into society. The amputee athletes use the forearm (Canadian) crutches to play amputee football. The program will eventually operate for cadets, junior, and senior amputees.

Jean Peter enjoys football practice as his father looks on

Pictured right, ten year old amputee Jean Peter enjoys football practice as his father looks on. Amputee football will enable many recent amputees overcome their disabilities and re-integrate back into society. Our longterm goal is to establish a therapeutic recreation center here in Haiti that offers physical therapy, leisure, recreation, sports for the disabled and job training. It would include an athletics track.





Helping the Disabled in Jacmel
February 20, 2010

On February 20, Dr. Fred Sorrells wrote:

"We had a very busy afternoon helping newly disabled people in Jacmel. This region suffered much damage and many deaths due to the earthquake. Many were disabled and are now amputees. An eleven year old boy in Eder's neighborhood lost his right hand. We gave him and his family a solar panel with a rechargeable lamp and set up a water filter system for them." (photo on left)

Dr. Fred Sorrells helping newly disabled people in Jacmel

"Explaining how to connect the solar panel to charge the LED lamp with hand amputee, Jean Douby and his dad. He will be able to study at night now and mostly importantly knows someone cares for him." (photo in middle)

"Eleven year old hand amputee, Jean Douby helps me install the filter in the water purification system we set up for his family. The family now has a safe water supply. I want to get Jean a pair of running shoes so that he remains active despite his earthquake related disability. Who know he may be a future Paralympic athlete for Haiti."

"Right arm amputee, Boinet discovers he can read with the help of the rechargable lamp we gave him this afternoon. I am hoping we can give thousands of these units to the newly disabled in Haiti. It will imensely improve their quality of life, improve security at night in the make shift tents, camps, allow kids to study at night and let the disabled know they are appreciated." (photo on right)

"My deepest appreciation to all who make this outreach to the disabled of Haiti possible."

Ensuring that the Disabled are Not Forgotten
February 12, 2010

Dr. Fred Sorrells with Jean Sanon and recipients of water filters

On February 12, Dr. Fred Sorrells wrote:

"My major objective with the Haiti relief effort is to ensure that the disabled are not forgotten. We continue to deliver the family water filters provided by Texas Baptist Men to families with disabilities. Clean water is so vital to the disabled, especially as the rainy season approaches with greater risk of disease."

" The disabled - normally shunned and forgotten - are so grateful to be included in the disaster relief. I am partnering with a major federation for disabled persons in Haiti headed by Jean Sanon, pictured to the right of me, and the recipients of the filters."

"Much of my work the last few days has involved attending relief meetings where I advocate for the disabled and arrange for delivery of the goods and services they desperately need."

Water Filter Distribution
February 7, 2010

Where the able-bodied suffer, the disabled suffer more

On February 7, Dr. Fred Sorrells wrote:

"I arrived to a remote area last night after distributing the water filters to check on a family of disabled friends. Like many they have moved outside of Port-au-Prince to the countryside. Unfortunately their relatives in the country can barely support themselves much less a flood of people from Port-au-Prince. I am looking for relief supplies to help these people as well. Where the able-bodied suffer, the disabled suffer more."

The disabled normally get no relief supplies
"One of the disabled recipients of the TBM water filters. They normally get no relief supplies and they thanked me repeatedly for including them."

Water Filter Distribution
February 6, 2010

First stop in Port-au-Prince distributing water filters

On February 6, Dr. Fred Sorrells wrote:

"I picked up 500 water filters from TBM yesterday, and I am renting local transportation to get them to the disaster victims and the disabled."

"I hired a Haitian 'taptap' this morning and started the distribution north of Port-au-Prince. The photo is of the first stop distribution."

"My helper, Donnecks in the hard hat, was miracluously saved from death when a four story building fell on him during the eartquake. As we distributed the water filters to a group of physically disabled and blind people, Donnecks shared his testimony."

"On our way to the next stop we went through a town with a Moneygram office. I received the money you sent which will really help me with the cost of hiring the vehicle. Thank you for giving to this cause."

Shelter Needed Before the Rainy Season
February 16, 2010

Families needing shelter before the rainy season

On February 16, Dr. Fred Sorrells wrote:

"The photo shows a few of the 500 families I visited this morning. These are among the thousands of families living in make shift shelters of plastic and cloth scraps."

"The rainy season is coming and many will become ill due to exposure if better housing is not provided soon."

"They also have an urgent need for food. Please pray."

Weeping With Those Who Weep
January 31, 2010

Disabled artists Herold Alvares and John Paul Joseph are found alive!

At 9:35PM CST this photo and text from Dr. Fred Sorrells came through.

"The Bible tells us to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. Hearing the tradegies of the earthquake and the loss of human life has produced enough weeping for a lifetime."

"You cannot imagine the pain in so many faces often with tears streaming down, eyes red and bloodshot from grief. Stories too horrific to tell here."

"Weeping with those who weep. Then rejoicing with those who rejoice."

"I am rejoicing with the fortunate survivors. Two of them are our disabled artists, Herold Alvares, seated next to me, and John Paul Joseph seated in the wheelchair. Their stories of rejoicing shows God's divine providence."

"Herold normally teaches art to younger disabled students at the school across the street on Tuesday afternoons as part of our art program. On the Tuesday of the earthquake he felt the Lord telling him not to teach that day. Had he been teaching, there is a good chance he would have been killed. Herold told me that he is starting his second life from Jan 12."

"JoJo would normally have been in a building that received heavy damage. However, still Herold decided not to teach that afternoon. JoJo went outside to visit Herold, thereby probably saving his life."

"Both of our artists lost all of their art supplies and some art paintings. I am sure some of you can donate so we can replace their supplies, but for the moment we are rejoicing with them."

Dr. Sorrells Needs Our Help to Advocate for the Disabled in Haiti
January 30, 2010

Herold Alvares, John Paul Joseph and Dr. Fred Sorrells

Dr. Fred Sorrells arrived in Haiti on January 30 with only $200 in cash. He spent all the rest of his cash on the expensive short-notice flight from DFW to Ft. Lauderdale and on medical and toiletry supplies from Wal-Mart.

The photo shows Herold Alvares, John Paul Joseph and Dr. Fred Sorrells just after Fred located them. This was a time for great rejoicing!



The Artists Are Alive!!!
January 30, 2010

Disabled artists Herold Alvares and John Paul Joseph are found alive!

At 7:56PM CST this photo and text from Dr. Fred Sorrells came through.

"I discovered that Herold and JoJo, and the St. Vincent disabled children were initially put in tents near the school. However the smell and dust was so bad they were moved outside of Port-Au-Prince and I finally located them tonight."

"They are indeed alive though still very tramatized I am sure. Herold and I just talked to Eder (Eder lives in Jacmel) and he is alive also."

"They have also had contact with Pierre Guy and he is alive also."

"What an awesome God we serve. I have a small tent and am staying with Herold and JoJo tonight. There is no place on earth I would rather be! We just gathered together with Herold and JoJo and the children and staff for an awesome time of praise and worship. I do not remember when I have be so aware of God's presence and protection than this evening. As you can imagine we had some of the greatest hugs imaginable when I finally found them! I am totally exhausted but incredibled blessed to be here."

The photo above of Herold Alvares and John Paul Joseph (JoJo) was taken by Dr. Sorrells with his cell phone and 2 small flashlights.

St. Vincent School for the Disabled No Longer Habitable
January 30, 2010

St. Vincent School for the Disabled St. Vincent School for the Disabled

On January 30 at 7:37PM CST these photos and texts from Dr. Fred Sorrells came through.

Referring to the photo on the left, Dr. Sorrells wrote, "I went by the school for the disabled where Herold and JoJo (taught art). There was terrible terrible destruction to the school. It is no longer habitable. I found out that 8 children lost their lives and 2 school employees. The rubble above fell on a parked car and killed two occupants. Terrible odor and dust. "

And referring to the photo on the right and a video produced by Dr. Yoshio Maruyama, Dr. Sorrells wrote, "There was extensive damage to this building but no one died. You can see the tables where Herold and JoJo taught the children in the video. "

Dr. Fred Sorrells Arrives in Port au Prince, Haiti
January 30, 2010

Dr. Fred Sorrells with supplies purchased from Wal-Mart

Dr. Fred Sorrells arrived in Port au Prince, Haiti, this morning and is preparing to make his way to the location of the St. Vincent School for the Disabled.

Here Dr. Sorrells is pictured on the tarmac in Port au Prince with the supplies he was able to quickly purchase and pack for the trip.

Dr. Sorrells wrote, "Truly a miracle getting here to search for the artists and able to bring a limited amount of supplies."

Dr. Fred Sorrells Bound for Haiti
January 30, 2010

Dr. Fred Sorrells with pilot of charter flight to Haiti

The call came on Friday afternoon at about 3:30PM - a charter flight of the Wheelchair Foundation had permission to land in Haiti and was scheduled to leave from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Saturday morning at 9AM. They had a seat for Dr. Fred Sorrells, but he had only 15 hours to get there!

All the reasonably priced flights from the Dallas Fort Worth area to Fort Lauderdale were booked, but Dr. Sorrells found a flight for $730 and boarded at about 6PM. After arriving in Ft. Lauderdale, he spent part of the night in Wal-Mart purchasing medical supplies and toiletries for the disabled artists he intends to find.

Dr. Sorrells boarded the plane chartered by the Wheelchair Foundation at 7:30AM, and he is pictured with the pilot here. He is airborne as this short update is being written.

Tents for Haiti
January 26, 2010

20-Man tent for Haiti relief

On Sunday, January 24, Pastor Rudy Bond, Senior Pastor at New Life Worship Center in Tyler Texas, met with Dr. Fred Sorrells, President of the International Institute of SPORT, to discuss ways to get immediate aid to the disabled in Haiti.

Having knowledge that Texas Federal Surplus had a warehouse full of 20-man tents sitting unused and unwanted, Pastor Bond contacted the Commander of Texas Federal Surplus on our behalf.

As a direct result of this call, the entire warehouse of tents has been re-commissioned by the U.S. Government for Haiti relief !

AP reported on January 25 that only 10,000 family-sized tents were available for tent cities in Port-au-Prince and that 100,000 were needed.

Haiti Emergency
January 13, 2010

Four of the artists we represent live in or near Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As of Wednesday, January 13, we have been unable to contact any of them. Our Haitian artists Eder Romeus, Herold Alvares, John Paul Joseph and Pierre Guy Theodore are disabled and unable to help themselves or the people around them. Dr. Fred Sorrells is traveling to Haiti as soon as we can raise the funds and find a flight.